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NDIS aims to assist persons with disabilities in leading normal lives. Its goal is to assist people obtain greater independence, get more involved in their communities, find work, pursue their dreams, and enhance their health and well-being. Personal care, home care, domestic assistance, home maintenance, house modification, social support, community participation, transportation, and other services and supports are available.

NDIS Services that are tailored to your needs.

NDIS Services  gives you more options and flexibility so you can discover the right support to help you live a more independent life. Government funds is now given to you under the NDIS. This means you can utilise the funds to discover the assistance, services, and service providers that are compatible with your values, requirements. The assistance you receive can be personalised to your specific needs.

It’s important that we assist you in feeling more self-sufficient and in control of your everyday tasks. Our best strategy at this time is to listen to you as you discuss your wants and goals, so that we can focus on providing you with a spectrum of appropriate services. These services provide you with a variety of options for achieving your objectives, helping you to feel more confident and fulfilled on a daily basis.

Liaison with your health professionals, as well as your family and friends, is one of the NDIS services we give to all NDIS participants. We can work together to help you achieve your objectives with their assistance.

NDIS support helping you achieve your goals.

NDIS can assist you in achieving your goals by providing you with customised services that are tailored to your specific needs and assist you in achieving your particular objectives. We provide a variety of services to assist you in living a better life. These NDIS support services include assistance with personal routines including showering, dressing, and toileting, as well as household chores, food preparation, and gardening. We also offer assistance with community access and life skills so that you can enhance your relationships and actively participate in your community. By matching you with an NDIS specialist who fits your interests, we hope to provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Our comprehensive range of NDIS services are designed to help you become more independent, both in your personal daily activities and within your community. Working together, we can select a range of funded services, customising them to suit your exact requirements.

Each NDIS service offered by Kare Seniors is included in one of six different NDIS designated categories, as follows:

  • Assistance with Daily Activities
  • Domestic Assistance
  • In-Home Nursing
  • Social Community Participation
  • Development of Life Skills
  • Support Coordination

If you believe that you are eligible for funded NDIS services, you must fulfil a set of three criteria, as outlined by the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme).

  1. Australian citizen or hold either a permanent visa or a protected special category visa.
  2. Less than 65 years of age when first accepted into the scheme.
  3. Live in Australia in a location where the scheme is provided.

One of the best ways to discover if there are any NDIS providers serving your area is to perform an internet search with the keywords “NDIS services near me”. This will result in a list of NDIS service providers in your specific area.

If you believe you are eligible for NDIS services, based on the criteria outlined above, then there are a five steps you need to follow.

  1. Contact NDIS: Contact the NDIS to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs. Call 1800 800 110 and ask to make an Access Request. You will be sent a form that needs to be completed with information from your health professionals, family and support network. You can also visit an NDIS or Local Area Coordinator office in your area.
  2. Confirm acceptance: Once your eligibility has been confirmed and you have received your letter of acceptance into the scheme, a representative from the NDIS or the Local Area Coordinator office will contact you to arrange a time for a planning meeting. You can attend this meeting in person or via phone, whichever you prefer.
  3. Planning meeting: This is where you discuss your needs with the NDIS representative. It’s important that you explain your personal goals, so that you can work together to select the best combination of NDIS support services for your lifestyle and goals.
  4. Plan accepted: You will be notified by the NDIS representative or Local Area Coordinator office when you plan has been approved. You can also check online and access the details of your plan at anytime at the NDIS myplace portal.
  5. Choose your NDIS provider: With your plan accepted, you can review your NDIS support funds via the portal and select your NDIS service provider.


We operate within a results-oriented framework that allows you to reach your goals and live a better life in a safe and encouraging atmosphere. Kare Seniors’ values guide how we serve you, and we guarantee to treat you with decency and care at all times. Equality, independence, and respect are the foundations of our NDIS service ideals.


You have the right to participate equally in the cultural, political, social, spiritual and economic life of your community


You have the right to live as independently as possible and should be given the support you need to achieve this goal.


You have the right to be treated with dignity and sensitivity, as well as privacy and confidentiality in all matters.


By treating you as equals and promoting an open and honest communication, you can put your trust in us.


Currently, there are three different categories of NDIS service support funds. Not all of these may be supported under your plan, so it’s important that you understand which of these categories applies to your situation. You will find this information at the NDIS website, however, a summary is provided below.

The three support categories are as follows:

  1. Core Supports
  2. Capacity Building Supports
  3. Capital Supports

Your plan provides a set budget which can be only spent on the support category or categories nominated in your plan. Each of the three support categories includes a range of services. So for example, if your plan provides funding for only the Core Supports category, then you can only select NDIS services from that category. If your plan provides funding for both the Core Supports and Capacity Building Supports categories, you can select services from both of these categories, and so on for the third category of Capital Supports.

This category includes four subcategories of NDIS services, as stated by the NDIS:

  1. Daily Activities
  2. Transport
  3. Consumables
  4. Social & Community Participation

Your plan will state which of these four subcategories are funded from the NDIS. Whilst the Core Supports category has some inbuilt flexibility, you may or may not be able to select from all four of these subcategories. This ability will be detailed in your plan.

As an example, Core Supports services include assistance to cook meals, help to attend a concert or purchase sporting equipment relevant to your disability. You can access these services via your chosen NDIS provider.

This category includes nine subcategories of NDIS services, as stated by the NDIS:

  1. Support Coordination
  2. Increased Social & Community Participation
  3. Improved Living Arrangements
  4. Finding & Keeping a Job
  5. Improved Relationships
  6. Improved Health & Wellbeing
  7. Improved Learning
  8. Improved Life Choices
  9. Improved Daily Living

Your plan will state which of these nine subcategories are funded from the NDIS. However, there is no flexibility within the Capacity Building Supports category to select services from subcategories that are not funded in your plan. All of these services are designed to help you learn new skills and increase your independence. You can access these services via your chosen NDIS provider.

This category includes two subcategories of NDIS services, as stated by the NDIS:

  1. Assistive Technology
  2. Home Modifications

If the Capital Supports category is funded by your NDIS plan, then you can purchase equipment, as well as request modifications to your home or vehicle. This support category is aimed at making your life more comfortable and enhancing your lifestyle. You can access these services via your chosen NDIS provider.

As a NDIS service provider, we want you to get the most out of your NDIS plan. This includes providing advice on how to best manage the NDIS funds in your plan. You have three options for managing these funds and the choice is in your hands.

Managed Plan: This option is where the NDIS provides additional funds to pay for a Plan Manager who also helps you to learn how to self-manage your plan. Acting as your Fund Manager, Kare Seniors pays the providers of your services, ensures that all the associated paperwork is completed and makes certain that the selected services comply with NDIS rules.

Self-Managed Plan: This option is where you decide to manage your funds yourself. The benefit of this strategy is that you can use your creativity to select a mix of NDIS services that suit your needs as long as they are funded in your plan and considered reasonable and necessary. The downside is that you must ensure that the services are good value, check that you have the funds available to pay for these services and pay all your service provider invoices on time.

NDIA Managed Plan:  This option is where the NDIA (National Disability Agency) manages your NDIS funds on your behalf. It can be an easy option for participants who often feel overwhelmed with managing their own funds. You are, however, restricted to using only NDIS registered service providers and you will need to adhere to set price limits for the services you require.

The NDIS Price Guide ensures that NDIS participants are able to access reasonable and necessary services that increase their independence, whilst promoting their ability to choose their NDIS service provider and control their funds.

Download the NDIS Price Guide

Why Choose Kare Seniors?

Person-centred care

Taking care for all of the consumer’s needs together in a holistic and integrated way. This includes, taking into account people’s preferences and chosen needs, ensuring consumers are physically comfortable and safe.

Valuing consumers

Assuring that consumers can express their preferences, views, and feelings. This might include ensuring that consumers have choices and that their suggestions for how to improve things are sought out, listened to, and implemented.

Continuity of care

Consistent and reliable care services. This may include ensuring that consumer have a properly reviewed care plan, that support workers are known to the consumer and limited to a small number of people visiting, providing reliable and flexible visit times.

Caring support services

Our focus is on providing compassionate services. This may include effective communication, getting to know the customer, and developing relationships in order to guarantee that care is delivered in the manner that the customer prefers.

Trained and skilled staff

Our staff and support workers have the necessary training, supervision, and experience to accomplish their tasks well. This might include staff meetings on a regular basis, as well as personal development and training on specific conditions like dementia.

Accommodating your changing needs

We’ll ensure your support needs are reviewed on a regular basis so that your care package can be adjusted as your needs change. We will contact you on a frequent basis to ensure that you are satisfied with the service you are receiving.

Kare Seniors provides NDIS services in the following Sydney and Melbourne suburbs

Melbourne Suburbs:
Airport west, Altona, Ascot Vale, Braybrook, Broadmeadows, Deer Park, Essendon, Footscray, Gladstone Park, Hoppers Crossing, Keilor, Monee Ponds, Melton, New Port, Sunshine, St Albans, Tarneit, Werribee.

Sydney Suburbs:
Auburn, Bankstown, Bass Hill, Cabramatta, Chullora, Fairfield, Merrylands, Lidcombe, Granville, Guildford, Liverpool, Revesby, Milperra, Regents Park, Sefton, Villawood, Parramatta, Harris Park.

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